Reflection On Self Assessment Reflection Paper

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Self-Assessment Reflection Paper I have used the feedback to deepen my learning and improved the learning product I submitted by listing and understanding what my instructor have given me through our discussion about the homework assignments. I have taken that information constructively to make sure that the paper I will be submitting is concise and sound conveying the information properly in the APA format making the submitting assignment free from grammatical errors to best of my ability. For example; the instructor and I discussed about submitting an APA style paper with in-text citation and properly referencing my paper. This discussion helped me more conscious and aware about submitting my writing assignments in the APA format. Also, the discussion helped me to organized and structure my paper given it a consistent flow throughout the paper. My vision and professional aspiration is to obtain all the concepts and knowledge about theories systems, application, and models implementation that would enhance me to become an effective MFT professional. By achieving each coursework components that has been constructed for me at Northcentral University in my field of study as an MFT, it bring me closer to the reality of becoming a license Marriage Family Therapist. I have aspirations of being one of best and most effective MFT, so I can better help people in overcoming their issues they might have. With the help and support of the NCU faculty and staffs, I have greater…
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