Reflection On Seniority

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Great discussion post this week! Seniority is a subject that some companies abide by and where some companies do not. I personally feel that seniority is always a fine line too. It is a topic that can get personal to people, especially if they are new to a company. I have not had any experiences yet where the manager uses seniority for benefits or anything, and I hope I never will. I understand that employees who have worked at a company the longest should have the first opportunity, but I just do not agree with that. I feel that the most qualified employee for the job position should have the job, and the employees, new or old, that complete the work on time and effectively should have a promotion. Let's say that an older worker who works slow and never gets things done or right is offered the position and accepts it over a newer employee who is a hard worker, gets the job done on time, and is done right, does that make sense?…show more content…
If both, new and old employees are hard workers and are equal when it comes to work ethic and getting the job done on time then I could see how seniority could play a part, but other than that I do not see how beneficial it is to a company. I can see where you are coming from when you say it has its need, but I can also see how it can be taken way to far as well. I feel like we are on the same page that quality is more important than seniority. I agree with you as well that focusing on making the organization better instead of focusing on who’s works where longer can actually ruin an organization in the long run. Seniority can cause a lot of problems, but it is all based on your own view as well and how one wants to run a company. I enjoyed reading your views and seeing your perspective on this topic this
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