Reflection On Service Learning Experience

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Service Learning Experience Report Emily Mathieson 5507124 CHYS 2P15
Discussion Group 8 Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
This final report aims to summarize my service learning experiences and what I have learned throughout this service learning opportunity. Beginning with an overview of my service learning setting, and many of my experiences, then moving onto analyzing two of my critical learning incidents and finally concluding with what lessons I have learned.
Service Learning Setting
As I am enrolled in the Concurrent Education program my placement was in an elementary classroom setting. It was a grade three/four split classroom, with 24 children; this school is rather small compared to others so there are a lot of split classes. Values such as respect, courage and honesty are very important to the school, and showing pride in your school is of high importance. While most of my placement was spent within my specific classroom assisting as a helping hand to the teacher, there were many assemblies and group work periods that allowed me to interact with many other teachers and students.
In the Beginning
After spending approximately 54 hours with a classroom, there is an abundance of experiences I could elaborate on that taught me something. Starting at the beginning, I was anxious about this placement. I knew I loved children, but I felt an incredible amount of pressure to ensure that being a teacher is exactly what I want to do, as my program is so direct in that career path.…
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