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Being admitted into the Social Work graduate program is one of the stepping stone to complete my own goals that I have to fulfillment what it means to be an individual that brings social change into the society and will be able to compliment the goals I have step for myself when it comes to academics. Coming into this point within my life has not been easier nor a smooth path, my I am confident that the goals I have for myself will be achieve through a master’s degree of Social Work. One of the most challenging hurdles I had found myself in during my undergraduate education was not knowing what I have wanted to do with my career once I had step out of the university sphere of education. Although, having spent my time within the undergraduate studies of Women’s Gender and Sexualities Studies and Human Development and Family Studies, I had not been a leisurelier discovery for myself. One of my personal struggle that I had encountered when it came to my undergraduate education was not having a clear focus of what the notorious question, “what do you want to do with your life?”. For the longest time, I had always thought that to be successful at the university level was having an education in the science technology programs. I had struggled with keeping my grades where I wanted them to be, feeling successful, and overall enjoy my college experience and feeling that I belonged to the University of Connecticut. That was until I had taken a Women’s Gender and Sexualities course at the University of Connecticut. I had found that there was more to school than having a science background of education and that a liberal arts foundation was more important to the enhancement of what I wanted to do with my career. When I finally realized and understood what that meant, I was able to apply myself into my academic, understand theories and critically analyze what it means to live in our society and who some parts need social change and advocacy for members. This was able to click for me when as my grade improved, my confidence increased, I became more involved within the university, and I felt an overall importance of who education would change my life again that was missing when I was trying to accomplish what others though

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