Reflection On Solution-Focussed Therapy

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Throughout the session, I engaged with Michelle respectfully in a genuine and responsive manner, evidenced by attending behaviours such as a knowing look and head nodding (21.30). These encouragers seem to be innate behaviours which was pleasing as it was important to me due to the ability of these skills to enhance the clients experience and alliance with their therapist (Ardito & D., 2011)
Probing questions such as “what makes you feel that though?” was used to gain more insight, to ascertain any cognitive distortions or the jumping to conclusions (4.20). I have considered however that the wording could have been improved as it may have come across to some people sounding quite challenging.
Reflection of feeling was used to capture the emotional tones and phrases however, there was one instance where I did not do this well when she described her treatment at work (10:24) (Allen, Bradford, & Salaquett, 2014). Attending to this by repeating the words “rocked to core” to her would have shown empathy and engagement.
The Rogerian (1959) unconditional positive regard was shown when Michelle explained her ideal interaction with her boss (20.00). I …show more content…

Within the SF techniques I used a consultation break (17.22) and a scaling question (0.00) of the clients rating of the session, based on the concept behind Feedback-Informed Treatment (Slone, J., Dathews-Duvall, & Kodet, 2015). These techniques I found very helpful and will use when applicable in the future. Based upon the SF framework the Miracle Question was used to promote positive discussion and thought (Dolan, 2015). I have now considered that it its efficacy can depend on the clients presenting attitude as it may identify negatively how far away the client is from their ideal scenario and diminish the

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