Reflection On Student Focus Team Meeting

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I attended a Student Focus Team Meeting (SFT) at Conewago Elementary School. This meeting was very interesting to me because all teachers in the kindergarten grade level shared one student that is having difficulties in the classroom. The teachers and other faculty members then came together to discuss ideas on how to help the student improve. Many of the faculty had important roles in the meeting and I found this meeting to be very effective and to greatly help students struggling. Also, there were a few things that surprised me in the SFT meeting and I found it to be very relevant to teachers (Student, 2015). First, at the meeting there were five kindergarten teachers who gave data and observations about a particular student. The leader of the meeting was the principle and he set goals for each student and teacher for the next meeting. There was…show more content…
I expected it to be very serious, but it was laid back and casual; the teachers and principle even made a few jokes before the meeting started. The SFT meeting realtes to teachers because it gives ideas to teachers on how to accomodate to certain students and how they learn best, like putting number lines on the table where a student sits so they see them all the time. This meeting also helped to remind the teachers of their yearly goals set between them and the principle. One teacher mentioned that by changing lessons and trying new things to help one student learn, you are actually helping a lot of other students to learn too (Student, 2015). In conclusion, the SFT meeting was a lot more relaxed than I had expected, but it was still very interesting. Everyone at the meeting had certain roles, it was very effective to achieve the purpose (discuss a certain student’s struggles), the meeting did suprise me a little bit and it was very relevant to teachers because it helps to improve teaching skills and focus on their yearly
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