Reflection On Subjective Data ( 5 )

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Subjective data (5): Subjective data would include a description of the onset of symptoms, presence of a headache, numbness or tingling, visual issues and the inability to think clearly. In the case of a hemorrhage, the headache can be described as a sudden and explosive feeling. It is also important to assess the patients ability to comprehend his/her condition. Objective data (5): Objective data would include hemiplagia or hemaiparesis, changes in level of consciousness, signs of increased intracranial pressure, respiratory status and aphasia. o Patient will maintain usual and improved level of consciousness, cognition, and motor/sensory function. o Patient will demonstrate stable vital signs and absence of signs of increased ICP. o Patient will display no further deterioration or recurrence of deficits. o Patient will maintain/increase strength and function of affected or compensatory body part. o Patient will maintain optimal position of function as evidenced by absence of contractures/foot drop. o Patient will demonstrate techniques/behaviors that enable resumption of activities. o Patient will maintain skin integrity. o Patient will indicate an understanding of the communication problems. o Patient will establish method of communication in which needs are expressed. o Patient will use resources appropriately. 1. Never pull on the affected arm. 2. Encourage repeated shoulder movement, elevation of the arm above cardiac level, and regular fist clenching and

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