Reflection On System Analysis And Design

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INTRODUCTION: This is my reflective consolidation paper which is an end of course assignment and writing this essay about the experience I had while studying the course System analysis and design. When I went to my advisor for advising courses then she told me about System analysis and design and explained me clearly about this course then this course made me realise that I have a lot to learn and found it as very interesting and challenging. As it is my second semester this course is best till now, the main reason I have selected this course is my tutor Dr. Anne kohnke, the way she teaches the class is impressive and definitely very kind heartened woman. Also in the first semester she taught us Enterprise Information Technology the framework made to work efficiently by giving good knowledge in that course. Here I want to discuss what is System analysis and design, when and where the concepts are used and how to overcome the problems using these concepts. The methodology of using characterizing the parts, structural engineering, interfaces and information for a framework to fulfil the decided necessities is said as system design. This course is helpful in developing the designing and analysing skills. Overall, system analysis and design is said as analysing and designing the different process.…show more content…
I was really interested in Business analysis and after taking this course I made a goal myself to initiate a new company by myself but I think I need more knowledge, technical skills and managing skills. The way you teach the topics with real life examples of your own will give me grip on this subject. I got some more motivation after telling her experience in real life and taught us how world relies on Information
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