Reflection On Teamwork

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Reflecting upon individuals’ experience with team projects this semester is crucial for students to develop teamwork and collaboration skills, effective communications, conflict resolution and improve performance for future projects. This paper reflects on the role that I played in this semesters’ student team project, as well as explaining what I learned about teamwork and collaboration. I am overall impressed by my teams’ extraordinary commitment and performance; though they could still be room for improvement in our communication and organization skills. Our team comprised of six students with Cris Daniels elected as a leader for the group. Apart from choosing a leader, the rest of us were not initially delegated with a…show more content…
By using google docs, all group members were able to edit and work on the team charter document online without having to meet in person. I got to know about that online technology through my group. Brandyn and Cris were both skilled in finding resources for group activities. Brandyn was able to come up with medical supplies like work uniforms and stethoscope when the team was shooting a video for the final team presentation. We were all amazed at how Cris was able to secure a clinic for the teams hospital setting video project. Anna was also able to design cards that helped to determine pain levels in hospitals when dealing with patients who could not communicate in the English language. I provided labels to help identify individuals during the group’s video activity and also supplied soft drinks for team members. My greatest potential in the team was recognized through my creativity in acting in a video designed for the groups’ final presentation. I acted every role was assigned with ease which amazed all group members. I played an important role in making sure that team members act out their part in the video with seriousness for effective presentation. Being part of my team over the semester has allowed me to build upon my communication skills, confidence, teamwork and initiative skills which are vital for a successful professional nursing practice. Sharing

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