Reflection On The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has caused me to reflect on how community has an impact on our approach in life. This book shows how Junior life at the reservation isn't the best because the Indian culture has been placed in a community of poverty and the lack of resources that limits education and impacts family dynamics. This inhibits the culture to grow and individuals to be free and express themselves without social pressure. Many people around Junior on the reservation have lost hope, including Junior. People deal with substance abuse and mental issues. While Junior deals with a brain condition and is a "weird" outcast in search for hope he attends a rich white school to find hope. This makes me reflect on my own life because my first time reading the book my sophomore…show more content…
When I look into my own community I think about how I relate to Junior, I made friends but there were still some things that set me apart from everyone else. I came from a low and middle-class neighborhood, where many people experience mental issues such as drug abuse and there is high crime. While a positive is the culture we create amongst ourselves in the black community. My family lived in this community but raised me differently to what others in my community was doing. I went to a predominantly black charter school, we wore uniforms and had strict policies, I realized how charter schools are more common in my community due to poverty and violence. The content we learned was very limited and I got good grades at this "college prep" school, I was considered shy or quiet but still managed to make friends. Once it was time for me to go to high school it was always encouraged for us to go to more diverse school because " it prepares us for the real world". Once I got to high school I realized I wasn't smart like I thought I was in middle school because I had gone to a more diverse school, there were kids that
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