Reflection On The Doctoral Journey

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Reflection on the Doctoral Journey Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Reflection on the Doctoral Journey Introduction The successful completion of the doctoral program requires one to make significant sacrifices and accommodations. Majority of the doctoral students are usually motivated and eager to complete their program as soon as possible. However, many students often enroll for doctoral programs without a complete understanding of the heavy demands of such a program. The doctoral program is unique and bears little resemblance to many previous degree courses and so without the necessary accommodations one can find completing it an uphill task. Each student brings to the program his/her own set of academic strengths and weaknesses (Wisdom, & Leavitt, 2015). The attitude and abilities of each and every doctoral student is unique and so is their management of the program. Therefore, the most important ingredient to doctoral success is the capability to leverage such inherent strengths and find effective ways…show more content…
Proper time organization is a valuable skill that is essential for the completion of the dissertation as well as the overall doctoral program. With an already busy schedule, doctoral students have no other choice but to make time and the keys to the effective attainment of this objective is to ensure proper time planning, scheduling, and prioritization. Planning involves the identification of the various personal, program, and relational goals, and then coming up with a master plan that efficiently and productively allocates time across all objectives. Having a time schedule is important a sit contains a strategy on how to approach each day and enables the student to self-monitor commitments as well as work within the confines of personal
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