Reflection On The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a government agency that protects the citizens and the United States against threats such as terrorism, cyber crime, foreign counterintelligence, and much more ( While preventing against national and serious crime, the FBI must also uphold the rights listed in the United States Constitution whenever gathering facts or evidence in order to solve a crime. This includes following the amendments that correspond with the FBI especially amendments four and six (along with many more). These amendments protect those who the FBI are investigating as well as protects the FBI from unexpected and staggering attacks.
The FBI is led by a head director who can serve up to ten consecutive years, in 2013, lead director James B. Comey assumed office and remains in office during the 2017 year.
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I would receive evidence and provide results as well as occasionally present my evidence findings in a courtroom setting. I will travel as needed and will work on call for whenever I am required. This includes working odd hours as well as holidays which requires me to be very flexible in my everyday schedule. I will work in all types of working conditions but my primary time will be spent in a lab.
The requirements and qualifications for my job include being a United States citizen, completing two years of training at Quantico, Virginia for forensic examination, and I must sign a two year agreement that states I will work in the FBI Laboratory until my contract expires. I must receive the minimum of a bachelors in a college with a major in either biology or chemistry, therefore I would major in microbiology at my desired college and eventually master in forensic sciences to gain extra knowledge before training. As a forensic serologist I will annually make an income of around
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