Reflection On The Field Of Organizational Psychology

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Reflection Before the start of this class I had little experience with research and little knowledge regarding the components of each research approach. Additionally, I had preconceived notions that qualitative research would be my approach of choice because I assumed it was an easier choice so to speak because it did not include numeric data. This course has definitely changed my mind on being open to the other approaches. I have learned that quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approach all involve a lot of time and effort when it comes to planning, executing, and analyzing. Another thing I learned is that each approach is not interchangeable.
Just because an individual is more comfortable with one approach over another, does not mean that approach is most suitable for the issue being researched. Even though I learned a lot from this Research Theory course, there are still opportunities for improvement in certain areas. The areas I would like to see improvement is: knowledge of theories in the field of organizational psychology, becoming more fluent in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approach, improvement in writing skills, planning and timing just to name a few. According to Banna, knowing theories by researchers who have paved the way in a specific field of study will be an important part of the research process(Laureate Education, Inc., 2009b). This is an area that will be beneficial to me moving forward in the research process because it gives
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