Reflection On The History Of America

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As this semester ends, I can begin to reflect on what I have learned. This journal will summarize that I have learned and how my attitudes have changed. I will also address what text I enjoyed most. Finally, I will compare and contrast the films: Into the Wild and Wild as well as which movie spoke to me more. This semester I have learned more than I thought I would. I learned about the history of America in a very different way. I have read many books about the history of America but never have I read it in the way that these authors presented it by putting nature first. Those history books talked about the impact the changes had on the population. I had never thought of the impact the Europeans had on the land. My…show more content…
The film Wild is about a woman’s journey on The Pacific Crest Trail it goes from the Mexican border up to Canada. Her adventure started for the same reason as Chris he went for self-discovery. Cheryl said she needed to walk “I’m going to walk back to the person my mother thought I was,” (Wild). Many other things in the movies they had in common. Both their father abused their mothers. There are screens in both movies where Cheryl and Chris are both witnesses of their father 's abuse of their mothers. She and Chris both change their names. Cheryl changes her name to Cheryl Strayed. In the movie, she explains the meaning as “to wander from the proper path, to be lost, to be without a mother or father, to become wild (Wild). Chris decides to call himself Alexander Supertramp (Into the Wild, 2007). I believe the most important thing they have in common is their love for reading. Through out both movies, they were quoting authors they loved. Cheryl believed “Books are going to change your life,” (Wild). With all this in common, they did have differences as well. She was over prepared with camping gear and not knowing anything about camping. Chris was under prepared and only brought with him the bare necessities. Her trip was well planned. He did not want a plan he wanted the journey to be an adventure. Her friends and family knew where she was Chris just left without telling his family anything. Cheryl family supported her along her journey by
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