Reflection On The Joy Luck Club

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The ‘Joy Luck Club’ is about reflection. As the mothers wisdom they’re sophistication and pain, their experience and love to their daughters, and the daughters come to learn and value their parents, the novel conveys its affluent messages. Amy Tan’s novel interprets that her story is about finding that aspect of hope that allows a person to survive, be strong, deal with whatever that person need to do with their life. Amy Tan shows the audience the struggle of the mother and daughters when rising up in Chinese and American lifestyles.
In the novel The Joy Luck Club, the author Amy Tan writes the tale by concentrate on the argument between low-context American and high-context Chinese culture. The four daughters and four mothers raise up in
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Suyuan was dead four months ago, leaving a moving story of a swan feather. Jing-mei has never lived up to Suyuan’s assumption during her lifetime, and she seems to be not pure enough. Jing-mei doesn’t realize the tale Suyuan tells her because she has never been in China during the Republican Era. But actually, Suyuan knows that her daughter is a kind person, who is much better than Waverly in this case. When her lost sisters are construct in China finally, Jing-mei is asked to take her mother’s place in the Joy Luck Club by the three friends of her mother. But she says that she doesn’t know her mother at all,and she has nothing to say! As Tan writes, “What will I say? What can I tell them about my mother? I don’t know anything” (Tan 40). She still makes a decision to go to China with Suyuan’s belief in order to do something for her. After that, Suyuan’s history is told to Jingmei, she finds that she finally knows about her mother. As Tan writes, “I lay awake thinking about my mother’s story, realizing how much I have never known about her, grieving that my sisters and I had both lost her” (Tan 286). From misunderstanding to understanding, Jing-mei’s Chinese blood is recalled by her meeting her sisters for Suyuan in the end of the novel, and the gap between them no longer exists. “Perhaps her name is symbolic of her confusion: she is the only daughter with both a Chinese and an American name. As she recalls life with
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