Reflection On The Management Competence

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1) What specifically have you observed and learnt from the experience focussing on one management competence?

The act of influencing is a major management competence, and can be defined as one’s ability to affect another’s behaviour, beliefs, and attitudes. (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2013)

Throughout our group assignment, we showed several different styles and approaches, both directly and indirectly. The styles also changed as we developed through the project.

Figure.1 A matrix of influencing styles and approaches (Guirdham.M, 2002)

At the beginning of the assignment, one of our initial tasks was to choose a “How-to Topic”. Our main influencing style in the group was high affiliative with dependency (Figure 1. bottom left), as we all showed signs of acquiescing* (agreement) through the mutual development of one another’s ideas (Appendix E). An example of this is reflected in the statement, “Yep, that’s definitely a contender, will put that down as one”, followed by, “I agree” (Appendix B). Thus, friendliness is an effective style of influence - one reason for this may be explained by Deryl Bem’s self-perception theory (Bem, 1972), namely, that we were imitating one another 's respective behaviours because we felt we could not comfortably display our true behaviours. This was because we had only just met, and therefore we all wanted to make a good impression on one another.

However, during the “How-to topic”, one person did not agree that he displayed this, and…
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