Reflection On The Qualities Of NHS

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In order to be considered for Nation Honors Society a student must express a strong dedication to their scholarship. However, scholarship is not the only quality one requires to be accepted into NHS. To be accepted into the program and to hold onto that membership a student must express the important qualities of leadership, service, and character. When NHS members apply for either a job or college it is expected of them to have these qualities due to the reputation NHS holds. Members of NHS must emulate these qualities, both to keep up the prestigious reputation of the organization and to benefit themselves throughout there live, as well as benefit those around them. I have long expressed these qualities by being involved in other organizations…show more content…
Though I am the head poetry editor in our schools literature club, Speechless, I know that being a leader does not always mean I have to be in charge. As with all the qualities NHS looks for in a member, leadership is tightly interwoven with the other qualities, being inseparable from ones character, their abilities as a leader, and how they give back to the community. Being a leader means a lot of things, it means taking charge, providing support, holding responsibility, helping others reach their desired goal, but most importantly being a good example. Any one can try to take charge of a situation, however, a true leader is someone who can be looked up to in a positive way, and who knows that they do not have to be in charge in order to lead others. NHS looks for leaders in its members because it is clear that our world needs leaders, leaders of all types, from all walks of life, and for all different reasons. When people think of leaders they tend to think of great authorities, people who run companies, or politicians, but a leader can be anyone and they don't always have to have a team as long they have good character and are willing to help
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