Reflection On The Self Of Light Of My Baptism

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This paper will reflect my perceptions of self in light of my baptism. It also exemplifies and magnifies my Christian journey. I was chosen by God as his servant before he placed me in my mother’s womb. It was after my birth and through his directing that I came to Him. My baptism was and remains my identifying symbol of God’s love for me, and that same symbol has become my credentials of a new birth, so that I can present it as evidence to prove to “whom I belong.” Who am I in light of my baptism, a simple question doesn’t always require a complex answer. I identify myself as a Christian, a follower of the word of God and the life of Jesus Christ my savior, servant of God, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I am a reflection of…show more content…
My baptism lets me and others know that I can go to God for anything. It keeps me aware that I am covered by His blood, and there is an earthly death to sin that leads to eternal life. My baptism was an opportunity to cleanse the old me, and devote my life toward learning and developing a new me based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am the recipient of three baptisms; first as a child, second as a young adult and last as a mother. I became a member of the Methodist church as a young child. It was what was expected of me, to unite and become a member of our church. But, my doing so went beyond the expected; I joined the church, and was baptized because I knew Jesus had a calling on my life. Baptism was different to me because it confirmed my special place as God’s chosen one. I had always thought that I had a special mission for God, and I had to be baptized in order to do complete my task. My baptism as a child made me feel special and complete. When I was about nineteen, my mother changed churches and denomination. She became a Baptist, and I followed her, because I believed that families should worship together. This church required that I be submerged in water, which gave me the true understanding and feeling of death to sin. This baptism increased my commitment to the church, at this age, I had acquired a better understanding of God’s presence and purpose. I knew that I was saying that I would come to church every Sunday, work in the church, and
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