Reflection On The Service Learning Placement At Mesa Middle School

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I will be doing my service learning placement at Mesa Middle School here in Las Cruces. I will be working with the two social workers at Mesa, Lorraine Guillen and Robert Reyna. At Mesa Middle School they offer a variety of services for their students. They provide crisis intervention, they work with the parents to help facilitate support in their children’s school, they develop intervention strategies to help increase the academic success of their children, and they assist the parents in accessing programs available to students with special needs. They assist the children in understanding and accepting self and others, and finally, they help the children with any physical or emotional needs that can possibly be interfering with their academic success. I plan to use many of the teachings from the first four chapters to help me be effective in helping offer these services to the students. One of these skills is how to work with angry, resistant, or aggressive clients.…show more content…
Since I will be working at a middle school I potentially will be working with some students who don’t want to be bothered. Using the skills provided in chapter 3 will help me be more effective when working with these types of students. Another skill I will use is, knowing how to set professional boundaries. This was discussed in chapter 2. Working with children will require me to be able to set professional boundaries. This skill is a must when working with students. Using the knowledge and skills provided in chapter 2 will help me in being more effective in setting those professional boundaries and ensuring the students understand what my role is. I’m extremely excited for my internship at Mesa Middle School and look forward to gaining many skills and knowledge relating to the social work
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