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Brad (Which is Also a Kind of Spike) First you have to open your eyes. Don’t think of what dreams you may or may not have had. In fact let go of every dream you ever dreamt and realize it’s only all ever been complete and utter nonsense—the pathetic distillation of your most base fears and fantasies. Think of how dreams are as useless as an arm that grows out of your chest—which reaches and reaches but goes nowhere, which scratches and slaps you, which grabs and gropes you, which recedes back into your delusional heart when you wake up every morning. Forget what Delmore Schwartz said about responsibility beginning in dreams. Remind yourself that responsibility begins with acknowledging that we all have a choice whether or not we want to…show more content…
Also notice the sad‐fast‐slowness of the swaying shimmering Birch trees beyond the boundaries of your neighborhood, which is a gated community, which you’ve never visited 1 Fiction before and have always thought of as the greener pasture of which you’ve never had or even deserved access, just as you’ve never had or deserved success; the greener pasture gated community which is actually called the Greener Pastures Community—which actually has plush, excessively green grass on every surface which is not made for driving or housing. Think of all the times you tried and failed. Of all the times you were disappointed by people, by your self, think of how you never became what you always hoped you would be. Wipe any and all tears from your soon to be dead, still warm cheek. This is no time for crying. Crying is for when there is still some hope left. Now think of how the tiny fraction of your very important seeming life means just next to nothing in regard to the entire universe and several billion years from now, or from the perspective of a billion year old galaxy several million light years away from the relatively tiny pale blue speck you call your the world. Think of a tiny bubble floating for a second before popping in midair—know that this image is your life. Think of how you’ve never ‘heard’ from God. Put on a new ‘set’ of clothes. Stare boldly into the mirror. This boldness is the vulture’s, not the eagle’s. Think: Death be not proud. Remember that you
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