Reflection On These Matters Always Brings A Gentle Smile To Me

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He wrote this poem on February 2nd, in 1989 and to me the poem means that we are all just human and it is okay that we make mistakes. It just means we learn from them and that there is always someone to lean on when we need them or even when we do not want to hear them. I see his poem as wisdom and guidance for his family and for any generation that comes across its path. On September 18th, 1989, my great uncle Dick wrote about his father. “Reflection on these matters always brings a gentle smile to my frame of mind for dad issued but too often failed to follow” (Thoughts, 30). I feel that he is saying that for every life event that occurs in our lives we have to be open to learn from them and look back on them so that we can grow. I think it is interesting how he relates life listens and reflects on his experiences through out his life as well as how he mentions his dad. I believe he is recording information he sees as important and worthy of being recorded in our family’s genealogic history. On September 24th, 1989, he wrote, “As one ages and begins to suffer some of the consequences of adding years, memory projects us backward to an age of keener vision, more abundant hair, finer reflexes, and less awareness of joints” (Thoughts, 39). In this quote he is again reflecting on his life but more in a physical way. He notes how age affects the body and mind. I find it interesting that he chooses to write about this topic in such a descriptive way. It made me think of my own
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