Reflection On Winter

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Narrative Self-Reflection A large purpose of the narrative is to show the change a person must go through in order to change long-term habits, and the setting heavily reflects on that, because both the character and the setting changed. It is set over the course of a year, which is shown through lines such as “flowers bloom”, and “it grows colder”. It is also shown in the title of each poem, which both corresponds to the season, and the stage of recovery the main character is in. These help to establish the setting, along with specific language choices. In my narrative, I used the metaphors of different seasons to convey my message. In literature, winter traditionally symbolizes difficulty and struggle, and it is used in the narrative to convey exactly that. The lines “falling into darkness / it grows colder” are representative of the winter approaching, however, it also acts as a metaphor for his heart growing colder, and him feeling as if he is falling into darkness, which represents mystery and fear. The tone of mystery and fear creates a somber mood, because the helplessness he feels contributes to the fear he faces. The connotations associated with the seasons also apply to the character. Springtime connotes feelings of rebirth and growth, just as he is growing as a character. He refers to his family as “my light”. Light is often connoted with purity and goodness, and he considers his family to be the light of his life. During the summer, the protagonist describes
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