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Throughout the school year I have tended to repeat the same mistake. In the beginning, I fell into plot summary syndrome. This was displayed in my October Sky literary analysis, and my All Quiet comparative literature paper. However, I was able to pin point the reason for this, I kept over thinking my ideas for analysis. I wouldn’t write down the actual ideas I had because I scared they would be wrong so I tried to play safe and summarize points I already made, or those explicitly stated in the book. I think I have improved, but I hope to continue to be conscious of this in the future. Another mistake that I had in the beginning of the year was my issue with organization. In earlier grades I was taught the hamburger model along with many…show more content…
I’ve always loved writing fiction, and I have so many ideas, which made that assignment very fun for me. I do need to work on showing and not telling, I was trying to fit so much plot into the 6 pages that I may have neglected to describe scenes in more detail. Since I competed in Model U.N. for two and a half years, I think I did a good job building up arguments and presenting for Odysseus’ trial. That was also very enjoyable for me. Part of my struggle with writing essays is that I am not great at writing according to instructions and certain structured assignments, which is why I loved the poetry pamphlet. I was able to create something that was completely my own. I was most proud of my ballad, Sprezzatura, because I have been writing songs for a long time and it turned out fantastic. Going into sophomore year I will no longer be attending TJ, so I will not be in HUM. I will be in English 10 and AP World History. I haven’t heard many positive or negative comments about English 10 so I do not know what I should be expecting, but I hope to improve my consistency in tense, organization, grammatical skills and analysis next year. As for history, it was my favorite subject in middle school, and the reason why I joined MUN. I am looking forward to learning more about the past and how it is relevant to our current global circumstance. I am hoping they throw in some macroeconomics in the curriculum as well. The first of my two goals

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