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Andre Trocme and Le Chambon Reflection
The story of Andre Trocme and the peoples of Le Chambon is a truly an inspiring given the fact that they helped harbor many Jews from being persecuted. They are truly inspiring because from a religious perspective they have lived a part of the Christian faith that many people never will and as result their story will probably be read to future generations of those who are seeking to live a more fulfilled Christian life. From this amazing yet dangerous story, I can regrettably say that I have never heard of these people or the actions they took to help harbor the dozens of lives of Jews. I think this is so because of several reasons including the very idea of religion not wanting to be taught by the
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I know that from the various sermons that I have been to all the members of the congregation loved to hear the stories of success, but seldom do they love to hear about what those individuals had to go through. For me I am no exception to this unwritten rule. How many people rustically would want to stick with the very true ideas of Christianity which include caring for the poor and then following a path that would be extremely difficult? Not too many. However, I do think that we can take those lessons from the people who have lived on the side lines and apply them to our lives and to our communities in which we live. Jesus said that the greatest thing you can do is to love your neighbor as yourself and love God with all your heart (Murphy). I truly think that if people follow this commandment as best as they can, then they are they among those whom are the living representatives of the church.

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