Reflection Paper About Celebration In The Philippines

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When did you experience RENAISSANCE?" Existing in the world for 18 years seems not so much for someone who's older than me, wiser, and knows much more about the world. So, if asked when was the time I experienced Renaissance, I'd say it was the year I turned sixteen. The year two thousand and fifteen. 3...2...1... Happy new year! I jumped for joy as the beautiful glitters sprinkled the dark sky, the honking of my cousin’s trumpet is loud, as if an elephant is lost, surprised, and excited, the music blasting from the speakers, challenging the sound of the firecrackers around it, and finally, the famous, sinturon ni hudas, was lit up to welcome the new year with a bang. The morning after all the festivities, my father hit up the family group chat room with a "Tara Ilocos!" and after what have been the fastest packing I've ever done in my life, we hit the 2837381-kilometer road to our destination. January started off with a road trip up north and ended with a meaningful visit down south, in Cebu. It was not our first time to visit the city, but surely, it was the first time we've fully experienced the beautiful city, all thanks to the Sinulog festival. The parade was nothing short of any Disney amusement parks, passion and dedication from Cebuanos dancing in their colorful costumes and on top of the same colorful floats under the searing sun, is very evident. February kicked off with a realization that everything I do in school from now on can be the last, the fact that

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