Reflection Paper About Digital Nation

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Reflection Paper about Digital Nation
This TV show, Digital Nation, describes how our life was changed by the developing of digital technology. They discussed both advantages and disadvantage of the impact of Digital technologies. This program suggests pessimistic perspective through this program. This program starts pessimistic perspective of technologies. Interviews and survey data conducted display digital multitasking strains attention spans, particularly among students. In addition, they question if technologies are helping improve learning culture for all generations, especially kids. Since our generation has a lot of opportunities to access internet easily, we can get bot bad and good information at the same time. Thus, according to the interviews for educators and parents, they are really worry about how do the internet and digital technologies change their kids’ life because these are going to be “dumbing down” the latest generation of kids or students. According to this program, technologies are likely to destroy opportunities to learn. For example, people tend not to read books, and even they do not think in coherent manner; they just think in paragraphs. I consider that it is going to generate bad thinking habit and behavior. People are getting less thinking problems and problem solution ability decreases, I suspect that it will affect to the economics because it is necessary to have a logical thinking and think in coherent in marketing area. In addition,…

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