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English Composition I has developed my style of writing and my skills analyzing and researching topics to write a piece about a topic. Throughout the course, I got better at analyzing articles and pieces to get the meaning of the topic. With that improved skill I was more able to use the information given from the text and install it into my essays, with proper citation if needed. Before taking the English Composition course, I was not one to organize my essays in an ordeal order to clearly state the point of the work. Now with taking the course, I have learned to organize my essays, examine research for a topic, and develop an essay with proper mechanics, and revising skills. In writing my personal, review, analytical, and cultural…show more content…
I then described my life and who I was. After describing this, I explained my experiences in confronting racism. The point of the essay was to state that racism is still alive and can be present anywhere. After writing this essay, I learned that my mechanics and style was not where it should be. Even with the revisions Mr. Heldenfels made in the draft, I still made mistakes with mechanics and tense shits. I had written comma splice and has several spelling mistakes. I looked to improve my mechanics after writing this essay. With writing my review essay of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s album The Bigger Artist. The essay took some time to write because of the research I needed to gather. In this essay I used more citations and quotes. I made mistakes the mechanics in writing the quotes. This was the first essay in which we used sources, so it was challenging to create my own ideas but I was able to do it. Writing this essay improved my knowledge of mechanics in citations and quotations. Through taking the course, I learned to utilizes sources in a more efficient way. In writing my analytical essay of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly I had to use ten sources. All the sources I used provided different information, some provided more than others, but all sources were needed to complete the essay. In collecting all the information for the essay, I had to research who created the source and decide if it was credible. This essay assignment force me to examine works in

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