Reflection Paper About Grief

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Grief is a heavy subject to talk about, however, it is one of those things that we will all experience within our lifetime. We experience grief not only through the loss of someone but will also experience it through life transitions. Whether that be parents going through empty nesting to becoming parents for the first time or moving to a new city or getting a new job. As you can see bereavement is more complex than we would like it to be and so is the healing process that comes after it. Grieving reminds us that we might not go back to our old life but instead it means we must learn to live with what has become dissimilar. It is easy to see that as future MFTs, understanding bereavement is an unavoidable subject, which we all should…show more content…
That’s why Dr. Bussolari’s work on positive affect intervention to reduce stress in people newly diagnosed with HIV struck a chord. The insecurity, fear and stress that comes with the diagnosis of a disease means that our “old” self is dead and we will have to come to terms with a new reality. The adaption to chronic illness often causes clients to develop symptoms of depression as a result. Thus, as MFTs, just like with the death of a client’s loved one, we will be searching for ways to help our clients in overcoming their hardship. Along with her colleagues Moskowitz, Carrico, Cohn and Duncan, she found that positive affect intervention can be a helpful tool. In doing so, they had a positive feedback on how their clients viewed their HIV status. As it’s evident, research that Dr. Bussolari conducts is crucial in comprehending our clients through life transitions or loss. Another kind of grief that Dr. Bussolari has written on is disenfranchised grief. This occurs when we feel, for instance because of societal norms, that diverse types of losses warrant different degrees of grief. One example of disenfranchisement is the loss of a pet. Many believe that the loss of a pet is not as significant as a human loss. How can the loss of a pet be the same as the loss of a human? However, what we do know is “research into the human-animal bond has consistently demonstrated that the loss of a pet can be equal to or exceed the psychological pain and social upheaval
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