Reflection Paper About Literacy

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The preschool I went to hosted a play called The Little Red Hen. Somehow, the teachers casted me as the Little Red Hen, and I vividly remember sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother going over my lines. Being only five at the time, receiving the lead role was a huge achievement, and even though it seemed like such an important part of my life, I only remember one segment of a line: “...cut the wheat…” Although preschool built the foundation of my road to literacy, to reach the reader and writer I am today I had to work hard throughout my academic career, mainly in elementary, middle, and high school. After preschool, elementary school seemed like a six year old’s paradise, but that dream quickly crumbled as I learned that…show more content…
Each grade level would compete in reading the most pages. Each person, after reading a book, would fill out a slip of paper saying what they read and how many pages it was. The librarian would ask for a summary of the book, just so students could not cheat. If she believed they read it, they could make a link for that grade’s chain. Each link in the chain signified a certain number of pages read, and students could physically see who was in the lead at any given time. Similarly to that challenge, eighth grade also strengthened my reading skills and overall interest. Each quarter, students had to pick a book that fit a particular genre and complete a project for that nine weeks. For example, for the nonfiction project, students had to create a cereal box for a well known public figure. On the front of the box, students wrote interesting quotes from the book, and on the side with the nutrition facts, they wrote facts about their person. The projects were a creative way to have students actively engage with a genre they previously may have thought was boring and dull. During this time, writing also became more heavily emphasized as students had the opportunity to research an aspect of the Holocaust. I picked the Kindertransports, and the paper had to be two to five pages in MLA format with a citations page. That would be the first of numerous research papers of this caliber. High school seemed like a place
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