Reflection Paper About Museum

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Museum Visit and Reflection I had the opportunity to visit the de Young Museum located at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The de Young is home to collections of American art from the 17th century to present, African art, oceanic art, art of the Americas, photography and rotating exhibitions. I had wanted to visit the de Young for some time and finally made my first trip there with my wife. We decided to time our arrival to the opening of the museum and spent four hours exploring everything from the artwork on the grounds to the Summer of Love Exhibition. It was a great day and I definitely felt my mind stretch to comprehend all of the artwork and make the connection to what I have been learning. In this paper, I will share a description of the different styles of art I viewed, the experience of viewing art in person and how art is relevant today.
Artists and Artistic Style
While I enjoyed many of the works of art at the museum I will focus on a few pieces that really caught my attention. The first would be a contemporary sculpture, Anti-Mass created by artist Cornelia Parker. Constructed from wood, nails and wire, Anti-Mass was made from the remains of a Southern Baptist church which was burned by arsonists. Hanging in the air the church represented by charred wood appears to be exploding outward. For me this was such a powerful statement and made me think of the violent persecution of African Americans in the south. Because it was constructed from the remains of a
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