Reflection Paper About Religion

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Religion is an organized system in which people pursue to practice their faith and worship to a super natural controlling power. I always wondered how cultures around the world all developed the concept and belief of a higher being, even prior to contact. It is as if a larger force had touched every inch of this earth, blessing man with the gift of faith. With that in mind, when examining different religions, I like to think of it as different languages. After careful thought and research, different religions appear to be like different languages expressing similar messages. For example, in the English language we say “Hello” to greet people. On the other hand, in the Spanish language people say “Hola”. “Hello” and “Hola” mean the same…show more content…
Both religions concentrating and directly reflecting upon the life and personality of their noble figures, Buddha for Buddhism and Jesus Christ for Christianity. The figures serve as models in which the two religions lay their foundation and spiritual goals for all religious disciplines. Robert Montgomery in Special Persons and the Spread of Religions argues that, “all human beings are drawn to other human beings (since humans are social), but they are drawn particularly to certain special human beings as evidenced by the large numbers of people who gather around them and follow them.” (Montgomery) Montgomery states that Buddha and Jesus are similar in the fact that each model possessed special characteristics that drew people to their word and message found within the religions. Of course, it is important to realize the differences even amongst the messages of Buddhism and Christianity. Buddhism bases their moral codes from the concept of karma. Karma grasps upon the concept that good actions lead to good effects, while bad actions produce the opposite (Molloy 136). Meanwhile, Christianity focuses on the idea of a divine judgment, in which encompasses the belief that God will punish evildoers (Molloy 342). As a result, the actions and morals of the followers are determined by different forces,
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