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THE DESIGN PROCESS Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of technology Strategic Architectural Design Development (SADD) Msc 5, Chair of Materialization 1st Tutor (A): Ir. Maarten Korpershoek 2nd Tutor (BT): Ir. Huib Plomp External Examiner: Dr. Ir. Ana María Fernández Maldonado Student: D. Kaatee (1401475) Date: 07 March 2013 Preface This paper is part graduation studio SADD (Strategic Architectural Design Development). In this document the focus will be on showing the way of working during the design process from February 2012 till April 2013. The design development and understanding it better is the aim in this studio. With an urban design, architectural design and the building technology this project in very wide…show more content…
The structure of the city of New York is strict and the area of the United Nations is an exception to the grid structure within the city. Should we see this site as part of this grid or should we give the exception of the compound in the Manhattan grid a role into the design? Goals: - The urban design should give the people access to the waterfront; - The urban design must be a valuable addition to the public life of Manhattan; - The urban design must be a part of solving the problem of the lack of green in Manhattan; - The UN area is autonomous and by that reason independent of Manhattan. This should come back in the urban design; Page | 4 - The building should have a clear position within the urban context of the existing UN compound ; - The building should have a clear and strict division between public and private (employees/delegates); - Because this building is headquarter of the UNEC it should be considered towards sustainable designing; - The building should be interesting and contains unique places; - The building character should be strong and authoritarian towards the international and local community. Page | 5 Design methodology Kenneth E. Boulding (1956) distinguishes in his hierarchy system different complexity levels. Characteristic with this is that the complexity throughout the different levels increase chronologically. Every higher system level carries the characteristics of all the previous
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