Reflection Paper Assignment

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There I was, sitting in a cold hard metal chair, in my first writing class; which happened to be an “advanced” writing class. As if I was not already nervous enough, the first thing our teacher handed us was a research paper assignment. This strange feeling of fear instantly consumed me. How was I, someone who had done minimal writing in the past, supposed to write a 10-page research paper? Well, the answer to that was quite simple. I would eventually complete this assignment with the help of a patient teacher and hard work.
I was given a few options of what I might like to write about, and I chose to focus on the effectiveness of business school. Now thankfully, this is something that was of some interest to me as I plan to earn my MBA after my undergraduate degree. I wasn’t sure where to begin on such an overwhelming task. This “APA style” was foreign to me and neither did I know how to properly cite sources. Although, with the help of my teacher, Dr. Bowman, I was able to begin and eventually write my paper with confidence.
The beginning of was not exactly pretty. My writing was choppy, I was clueless on how to properly research something, nor did I understand how to appropriately convey my thoughts in the proper manner. I still remember the first draft I turned in. There was more red ink on those pieces of paper than some students see a full semester. I became slightly discouraged until a brief, yet life-changing conversation took place.
One day, before class had begun,
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