Reflection Paper : Diversity Reflection Journal

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Diversity Reflection Journal I had the pleasure of interviewing five great people that talk about their lives and how it all unfold before their eyes. Some shredded tears, laughed, took me on tours, and even shared photos of their lives. I had a great opportunity to share some background information about myself in so many ways, that most of them did not know that person lived in me. The five people that I interviewed were kept anonymous I have included their first initial, their full last name, gender and age. A. Thompson, 46, Female I had the pleasure of speaking with my coworker Mrs. Thompson who had been employed with her job for 12 years. Mrs. Thompson who is well educated and have plenty of experience and knowledge to do anything…show more content…
During my interview, she shared with me that he felt different in her body since the age of 2. The biggest thing for her was coming out and telling her family, especially her father that she wanted to transition into a woman. She stated that her family welcomed her transgender life with open arms, but her father could not accept it and denied her as being a woman. Allyah said she been though a lot in her lifetime child her childhood to her now adulthood. She said that she felt like God put her in the wrong body, and that growing up a lot of people did not understand her. During her Elementary and Middle school years, she was always bullied because she had feminine ways. She fell into a deep depression and would sometimes have suicide thoughts. I had the pleasure of speaking to her mother, and she told that she knew form the beginning that her daughter was gay and that she started to become distant, speaking evil thoughts about her life, and start cutting her wrist to help ease the pain. She then took her daughter to get help and got her in counseling and started family sessions. When counseling did not work, Allyah starting cutting more and they had to place her in a mental facility to get treatment. Over the years she told me that she has maintain her depression, by using her coping skills which is doing hair in her shop. She told me a woman hair is her crown and glory and she is at peace and relax when she can bless her client with a beautiful
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