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I was always good at writing. My greatest skill in the high school was how I thought in my essays and how broad my ideas were. Throughout the semester, this very same skill has enhanced but I have learned that during the creation of my papers and essays, I still have trouble structuring my ideas properly or having a good transition. My process and forming ideas and writing out those ideas are pretty good( witnessed in my remembering and argumentative essays). But I need to work on structuring my ideas correctly to stretch my ideas better (witnessed in my literary analysis paper). I believe I can work on these skills by continuing my writing process throughout my semesters to come. Coming up with ideas for papers is a struggle for some…show more content…
In My case, I am Passionate about the argument of The Marvel Universe and the DC universe. Because of this passion, it became very easy to write out my ideas on the two Universes and presenting those ideas. But I still struggle with the structure of my ideas so those perfect and well thought out ideas go with my main idea. This problem is witnessed in my Literary analysis essay. Coming up with ideas and writing them out is easy, but putting those well thought out paragraphs in a sensible and flowing format that allows my audience to understand my main idea can sometimes be difficult. Written in my Literary Analysis “While Continuing the College life a person begins to build some morals and beliefs for life. But while going to college a person is challenged by real-life experiences to take on society better but in reality real life is being thrown at a person to challenge a person's beliefs.”. In this essay, I was instructed to read four stories and give a thought or analysis on one or two of the stories main concepts. I chose to analyze three of the stories and draw their concepts together. It was very easy to write out my analysis of these stories but it became difficult structuring my ideas so my audience could understand why I related the three topics and the main concept they present.I believe that over time I will get better in this so that my writing process and grades on my papers will be better. In Conclusion,

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