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When writing my papers in English I was never sure what topic, I wanted to write about. I rotated between two, one being “The Mistreatment of Animals in Zoos” and the second and my main topic being “Is College Worth the Cost.” When writing these papers, I noticed something about myself. I had grown as a writer compared to when I first walked into English 1100, I had some writing experience but not much my grammar lacked and I was the queen of sentence fragments. Throughout the semester during English 1100, my writing skills improved. From learning, how to format works cited page correctly to learning how to analyze a source. My writing improved wonders with each paper. My paper I, I struggled extremely with formatting issues and how to…show more content…
English 1100 also taught me to be confident in the papers I write I need to be able to be proud of the work I submit. I learned the more confident I was with each paper I wrote the higher my grade was. When writing about my first topic, “The Mistreatment of Animals in Zoo” I lacked confidence in the subject each paper I wrote I struggled with. I had no idea what to say about the topic or even how to find a reliable source. My professor taught me to pick a subject that you can relate to, that you could debate in person. I did that when I moved onto my second topic “Is College Worth the Cost.” With this topic, I immediately noticed a difference, each paper I wrote I was more confident in and could easily discuss it and discuss my opinion regarding it. Unlike my previous topic that I struggled even writing a one-page paper on discussing it. I also plan on taking away the many things grammar that English 1100 taught me. I learned that one simply cannot proofread enough and that it takes time to write a good paper.
I plan on taking all these mistakes that I made and all the things I did correctly throughout this semester and applying them to my future papers and my writing in general. English 1100 taught me many things I plan on taking everything I learned and applying it to my future work as a student. Overall, during this class, I feel as though I grew as a writer, I learned things I did right and things I did wrong. I
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