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Going into the meeting, my intentions for the focus student, at which I wanted my colleagues to notice, were the purpose of each work sample and the information required for each sample. The samples that were provided for my colleagues were the summative project, “Rock Detectives”, and the focus student’s interactive folder he used throughout the entire unit. Based on my colleagues describing the work, asking questions, and through speculation, the intentions were apparent. First, my colleagues were able to identify my summative project and was able to notice that the interactive folder was an ongoing activity throughout the lesson. Next, they pointed out the key vocabulary throughout my unit, “I see vocabulary.” Finally, they noticed that the information was organized throughout the three pieces of sample work, which they noticed my intention of organizing the academic language.
What did this process reveal to you when your colleagues did or did not recognize your “goals” within the work samples of the focus student? This process revealed to me that my intentions/goals for each sample work was clear in the work the student produced, because my colleagues were able to point out requirements given to the student for each sample. This revealed to me that I provided clear instructions to students when presenting the activity. This process also revealed to me that I need to provide more written feedback on student’s work. This idea stuck out to me when my colleagues asked, “What feedback did you provide?” as well as, “How were the samples graded?” The work samples I provided, I did not layout the project rubric, therefore the project itself had no grade or written comments. Also, the folder was graded by completion, ensuring every child participated in the interactive notebook each day, and the “Rock Detectives” sheet had no written feedback or grade due to feedback being provide to students verbally through a whole group discussion at the end of the lesson. Even though feedback was provide din other areas and ways, sometimes students need that concrete evidence that shows their teacher has looked at their work and supports them through the unit, by providing feedback.
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