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I’ve been playing piano for almost 9 years now, and that has come with a whole slew of failures on various scales. I had recently graduated from lesson books into classical music when this story begins. I had enrolled in Auditions, a piano competition where you ‘audition’ for State. I was ecstatic when I found out that I had received a one, or a superior, in the competition. Which isn’t easy by any means. In most competitions like Sonatina/Sonata Festival or Federation the judges give out superiors like Oprah Winfrey gives out money. “You get a one! You get a one! EVERYBODY GETS A ONE!”. So needless to say I was very pleased with myself. There was one month until State, which was held at a Mizzou in Columbia. I spent who-knows how many hours preparing for only five minutes in front of a judge, but it was a little more than that in my eyes. Whenever I would practice, I had to make sure it was perfect, as if I were playing for the president. The stress from that only added to my anxiety in the long run. Despite my looming anxiety, I was the most prepared I had ever been for any competition I had previously involved in. When the day of competition came I was a little nervous, but the two hour drive we had to take in order to get to the college calmed my nerves. The whole time in the car I played the situation of what would occur in the room in my mind as follows. I’m going to walk into the room. The door monitor will hand him or her my books. I’ll take a deep breath, and
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