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It’s hard to believe that it is time to turn in one of these again. It feels like I was just getting back from vacation. During the past two weeks, I participated in my final FTIC orientation session. The session went incredibly well and there were no hiccups throughout the two-day period. I was surprised because we just had two weeks off, but my students adapted and came back ready to roll. I was proud of the team! After spending a summer working in the field, I could see myself pursing orientation in some capacity after graduation. It’s such a fun job. While I’m not sure that I would want to run orientation at Ole Miss – I could see myself working closely with the department or overseeing the whole thing at a smaller school. My type A personality goes well with the position, as there is a lot of small details that need to be worried about. However, there are also moments where I get to relax and enjoy my team and I value those as well. I’m sad that I won’t be able to participate in USFSP’s final FTIC of the summer but I know that my services are needed back in Boone. Despite having participated in my final FTIC of the summer I still get to be involved in three more Transfer Orientations. One is tomorrow and we have another next Tuesday. There are many students at each session but they don’t seem as interested or excited about college as the first-year students. I think it’s because much of them are older and because this isn’t the first time in college for any of them.

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