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Some of my strengths in this domain would be in my ability to provide comfort measures for my clients, being present with them and taking measure to preserve their personhood. I also feel that I have managed to maximize my client participation and control in their health and healing. During one of my shifts, my client expressed her frustration with being on precautions and that she felt like she was never going to get better. We had a talk about why was on precautions and I sympathized with the fact that it can make one feel isolated. I made sure to stay and visit with this client more often throughout that shift. She also expressed her frustration with having another infection. She was recovering from sepsis and has had two sub pubic catheters inserted, one fell out and the other became infected. I listened to her frustrations, and we talked about her health journey thus far. We ended the conversation by agree to try and think positive that this next one will workout and that she is a strong woman for having gone through everything she has. She agreed and thanked me for listening to her. In addition, I feel like I do a good job at explaining what I am doing with my clients, and ensuring their privacy when preforming skills. I often find myself becoming uncomfortable when patients start to cry. I can sympathize and feel that I am a good listener when it comes to people explaining their frustrations and feelings but I don’t know how to address someone who is becoming

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