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As I consider what is in America’s future, I look towards the same ideals and values that formed the foundation of America when it first began. I can foresee the citizens of this nation upholding these principles in high regards and improving upon how they are applied for generations to come. Some of that which makes America the greatest country in the free world would include: the ability to express oneself, the right to be treated the same by all, standing up for what is right, working together for a common goal, and showing pride in our nation. The ability to express oneself sounds as if it was such a simple phrase, but it represents something that numerous people in other nations are without. In America, we have the freedom to be ourselves -saying what we choose to, worshiping how and who we wish, and using media to share opinions - all allotted by the Constitutional Bill of Rights centuries ago. We also are given the right to “ life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, from the Declaration of Independence. Freedom, including those rights, has been a focal point and even a large reason of as to why people came to America at the start and continue to do so. To just be treated the same, has been but a dream for many even in America. The idea of everyone being treated the same was conceived many years ago, but it did not have the same meaning as it now has. However, after countless, long years, people were eventually heard and the road to equality began. The
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