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I fall into venial sins more than I can care to mention. With regard to spiritual exercise, they weary me, as he puts it. Church feels like a chore, and for a while, I never went to confession. I went to confession for the first time in about 6 years while at the school and I went again when I started to really fall apart in my faith. I am not a confession regular but I try to go when I can feel sin affect me. De Sales continues a bit more with this question, asking why my heart is not inclined to these spiritual exercises. I would not say that I find any of them repugnant, rather I am not drawn to them. It just feels like I am forced to sometimes as if it is mandatory. There is no coming to Christ moments. With regard to Jesus and Mary, I think that they are amazing but am I particularly drawn to them. Not as strong as I would like to be. As I learn about my faith, I try to be more discerning about my own thoughts because they can take a turn that concerns me. I try to be diligent and conscious of how I think in order to tailor them to the good. My thoughts on God and my own actions for His sake. I love being an artist and I am constantly afraid of losing it, and in my worries, I forget to offer it up as a talent God gave me. The fear stems from an incorrect notion that he will take it away. I put art above all other things and I will do anything for it. In that sense, I could be replacing God with art. But if I lose art, then I feel like I will lose what drives me. I try
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