Reflection Paper

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When I enrolled in English 330, Writing in Education, I was apprehensive. Over the years, proofreading has been one of my strengths which may be a great attribute, but the challenging part has already been accomplished, writing the paper. So, although I absolutely love to research and write about my findings, I have always found it to be a struggle writing essays. The words seem to come easy in my head, but when the time came to write or type those words into sentences was the most difficult. Even though I have endured difficulties and challenges this semester, I have given 100% into each assignment. The discussions, blogs, letters, emails and assorted categories of papers completed, they have all proven to me that, no matter how good you felt you did, there is definitely room for improvement. There is always room for improvement, whether the task is a school assignment or work done on daily basis for over twenty-five years. My writing skills, my thought process and analytical skills have all improved in the last eight weeks. The discussions assigned were vital to this class. Each student brought a unique dynamic approach, which assisted me in my writing and thought process. When participating in an online class, discussions are fundamentally necessary. The rhetorical analysis discussion was my favorite, but I will explain why a little later in this letter. Since I have never posted a personal blog or have ever assigned to write a blog, I found this part of the course new
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