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There were a lot of situations and experience that have shaped me to the man I now. This can be attributed to where in from. Although I was born in Puerto Rico, my parents are from the Dominican Republic. Due to this fact, I have been exposed to these two distinct cultures which have helped me gained value lessons. One of the lessons that I learned was that we need to face some struggles in order to value what we have and the opportunities that may come once in life. I have always appreciated the sacrifices that my parents have done for us. For instance, I have seen how my parents struggle when I was living in Puerto Rico. This was due to my parent’s immigration situation. My mother had to work cleaning houses from early in the morning until night while my father worked in construction sites and other jobs that were not permanent or pleasant. They work so hard, just to offer my sibling and I the education that my parents could not receive from their parents. When I was attending school in Puerto Rico, I have to face sometime discrimination from some of my peers. Because of the misconception that Dominicans are stealing Puerto Rican jobs, they are often targets of racial discrimination. This is later on passed down to their children. However, that did not stop me from making good friends and doing my school work. Moreover, this did not diminish my interest in learning because my teachers were there to encourage me not give up. Also, the kids that discriminating against me,

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