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Going into this class, I was quite unsure what it looked like from the mentor prospective. As a freshman, I took this class in the fall and enjoyed it. I knew I wanted our freshmen to enjoy the class and gain a sense of belonging on this campus through our many resources. Another goal was for me to strive to become a better leader and learn how to work with another leader. At this point at the middle of the semester, it is nice to be able to reflect on the goals for our freshmen along with how Avery and I have been working together and learning from each other. Avery and I have worked to reach the goals for our freshman group by allowing them to have opportunities to learn from each other, grow at a student, and feel comfortable in our group here at the Capstone. By learning from one another, one begins to think harder and more thoroughly, and that is something I personally have wanted our freshman to do. We have given them plenty of opportunities to be able to achieve this by emphasizing contributing to the discussion. Yes, it is important for them to realize that engaging is a part of their overall grade, but it is also important for them to grasp that through discussion they gain knowledge, different perspective, and personal confidence. We have challenged them to do their best as students and use their many resources available to them especially their professors and teaching assistants. During our one-on-one meetings we thoroughly encouraged them to meet with their

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