Reflection Paper

Decent Essays
While looking back at all of the essays I’ve ever written a quote that matches my thoughts is one by C.J. Cherryh stating, “it is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.” When it comes to writing essays, I always feel like I’m off topic or not fully explaining myself. I am better at going back and looking at the errors in grammar and punctuation than looking for the problem in the content. Looking for errors in my content can be hard because what I am writing will always sound correct to me. If someone else doesn’t read the topic and then check my essay, then my paper would be completely wrong. While there are certain things that can be done differently in my writing, it is easy to see the changes in every essay I write, and in each writing I’ve discovered something different about myself.
It is safe to say that a person can tell a lot about herself from her writing. My essays in English class were never the worst, but they also were never the best. With each individual essay I write I notice a change in the content and in the errors. My writing is not on a constant level of improving as it should be. It’s like with some essays I can look at the topic and do great, and with other topics I can do bad. Mainly in my two years of college I have noticed that I do better on essays that relate to me rather than essays I have to do research on. For example, my freshman year of college, in English 101, all of the topics had to deal with my personal
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