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Life changing… it is a word that I sometimes think about, but never truly understood its’ meaning, until the summer of 2017. During church one morning my pastor was standing up on the stage in front of the congregation giving the announcements for the week. The final announcement was regarding a summer mission trip for high school students. The students would go to Reynosa, Mexico where there is a children’s home that my church serves at every year. I had never been on a mission trip and had never experienced anything like it before, so I decided that I would go on what could be a life-changing trip.
One month later, I was throwing my suitcase into the back of the old and rusted white van, because the other van had already been filled up. I had no idea how the van was even allowed to be on the road anymore because there was rust on the bottom edge of every body panel and door. When I climbed inside to get into my seat my foot went straight through the thin metal that had been disintegrated by the rust. I thought to myself that if we were in a crash on this trip, then I would probably die in this rusted heap of metal. An hour later, we started our long fourteen hour journey to southern Texas where we would spend the night in a hotel before crossing the border the next morning.
By this time, we were hours into the trip, laughing and joking together, then in an instant, every single person in the van, including myself, were transfixed on the concrete barrier that was
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