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A few weeks go I was standing awkwardly in the commons area of my church. Teenagers surrounded me all of which were avoiding eye contact, absorbed into their phones. “No worries,” I thought, “It’s all good.” Then, I heard a scream, “Mrs. Farmer!” One sweet young lady grabbed a hold of me so tight I could hardly breathe, but I was so grateful. Then, I realized it was one of my students from the first full year of teaching. This young lady came from the most difficult home life, and I could hardly imagine what she went through, but no matter what–every day she came to school with a bright smile on her face. She inspired me every day as a teacher that year, and seeing her again just brightened my day. What struck me the most about our conversation was that she remembered dancing in my class and how much she loved it, and it meant so much to her. It’s truly moments like that, moments we’ve all had, that remind us why we became teachers–why it’s such a gift.

With that thought in mind I’d like to reflect and propose seven essential attitudes all classroom teachers need (starting with me) to maintain a positive and impactful year for 2016-17.

Be Intentional: Summer is an awesome time to rest and reflect. It serves as a time to research and work to stay ahead of the curve in our practice. My goal is to be intentional with home life and work life. Keep each in their place and give each a sacred space of time. With a full first half of the school year ahead of me, like most busy

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