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While entering my Entrepreneurship and Innovation class, I did not know what to expect considering I have never been registered for a business class before. However, just like any other class, I was going into it with an open mind and ready to learn. Overall, this has given me the opportunity to learn some of the skills and techniques that are required to be a successful entrepreneur such as thinking outside the box, reaching out to customers, accepting failure, and so much more. Having little experience in business, I feel as if this class has prepared me enough to have a general understand of the process and steps it takes to generate a product and potential bring it to the market. Although the process is much more complex it all starts with an idea that can benefit other in a positive way and than going out there and asking people about your idea and getting feedback and from there the sky is the limit. A part of this course required each student to get out there and engage with events on or off campus that are relating to entrepreneurship. With that being said I went to three events: Dream Girl, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Assembly, and the Idea Challenge Final.

The first entrepreneurship and innovation engagement activity that I attended was the showing of Dream, Girl a movie about a group of diverse women who wanted to share their experiences and hard work as an entrepreneur. Each woman was given the chance to explain “their story” and how they became a

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