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As time progresses In elementary school, I learned to write sentences. As time went on I learned to put those sentences in a paragraph, which was three to at least five sentences. When I finally entered the high school, I learned to put those paragraphs together which will make the essay. When I was in Composition one , I know that writing had so much more than just having five paragraph. The writing was a way of expressing your creativity, idea, values, and emotion. Throughout composition one i have learned that there are countless abilities that writing has. The most powerful thing writing can do is to change the opinion of thousands of people. When i was in middle school i didn't knew What exactly is English 1100? Now i have learned and experience that, is about improving your writing, reading and thinking skills. There are seven learning outcomes students that can get from this class, for example, communicate effectively, demonstrate rhetorical knowledge, engage in critical thinking, writing and reading, develop effective composing processes, collaborate during the writing process in a social setting, use appropriate conventions for the format, documentation, and editing, Adapt is composing process to the electronic environment. By the end of this course, all students should able to demonstrate those learning goals as stated on the packet.
There is a certain aspect of writing that you must accomplished in order to have strong paper. In English 1100, I

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